Team #BeardedDragon

 Meet The #BeardedDragon Team!




Tyler Bailey 

Tyler Bailey is a Magic: the Gathering enthusiast who travels the country and even world playing the oldest and most popular trading card game. Tyler has enjoyed great success on the SCG circuit and even has a Classic win with Shardless BUG. He enjoys long walks and the beach. 

Osyp Lebedowicz

Osyp Lebedociwz is a seasoned Magic: the Gathering professional player with 38 Pro Tour appearances, 3 Pro Tour Top 8s and his 2003 Pro Tour Venice victory under his belt. Osyp has earned over $115,000 and 245 Lifetime Pro Points over his Magic career. Outside of Magic, Osyp is an avid film buff, enjoys writing short stories and is a Salsa Dance Champion. Osyp has been around Magic hos entire life with his lifelong bestfriend and teammate Phil Napoli.

Kevin "The Daddy" Jones

 Kevin “The Daddy” Jones is a world renowned Magic: the Gathering player. Kevin has 10 SCG Open Top 8s (2 of which resulted in wins), he’s a 3 time SCG Players’ Championship participant, has partaken in 2 Pro Tours, and made an appearance at the World Magic Cup as a member of Team USA. When Kevin isn’t flipping Delvers he’s most likely playing softball, reading mystery or suspense novels, watching sports, or hosting his weekly MTG show “The Weekly Ward”. Kevin lives in Kingston, NY with his girlfriend and their cat. Additionally, Kevin really likes hats, boat shoes, shorts that stop above the knee, and The United States of America.

Brandon Pascal

Brandon Pascal, commonly referred to as “Scrappy Doo”, is a professional Magic: the Gathering player and the only player on team to have qualified for the Pro Tour 3 different ways (Online PTQ, RPTQ, and a GP Top 8). Brandon has numerous Pro Tour appearances, 2 Grand Prix Top 8s, is a State Champion, and has many Open Top 16s. Brandon’s favorite format is limited while his favorite deck is Affinity. You should be able to spot him at many major events either wearing the Bearded Dragon polo shirt and Jacket or the bearded dragon tie-dye shirt!

 Ethan Gaieski

Ethan Gaieski is a 19 year old professional Magic: the Gathering player known for playing Legacy Delver, which became a focus after the ban of Splinter Twin, a modern deck for which Ethan was known for popularizing in Japan. Additionally, Ethan is known as the 2016 Summer Mid-Atlantic SCG Regional Champion & for having a 65% SCG Tour win rate. Ethan hails from Philadelphia, where he frequently enjoys cheese steaks.

Zach Voss

Zach Voss began his Magic career at the tender age of just 11 years old. Zach has since played at two Pro Tours (Eldritch Moon & Aether Revolt), Top 8’d GP Dallas with teammate Phil Nappoli, and has had scattered success on the SCG circuit. Despite his numerous impressive finishes, Zach considers himself a better deck builder than he does player. Zach aspires to re-qualify for the Pro Tour and attain Silver level in the MTG Pro Players club. 
 Chris Juliano

Chris Juliano is a 24 year old grinder with a Mathematics Degree who currently resides in Poughquag, NY. Chris has been playing competitively since New Phyrexia and prefers to play mountains in most formats. Chris has numerous strong finishes on the SCG Tour including an Open Top 8 and even an Invitational Top 8.

Justin O'keefe

Justin O’Keefe is a 26 year old Modern Dredge aficionado. Justin is known for popularizing the competitive Modern brew with his 2016 Classic victory. Justin has been a staple of the MTG Finance world for numerous years, and was even once a “backpack grinder”. When Justin isn’t counting Dredge he can typically be found playing Xbox live. 

Pieter Tubergen

Pieter Tubergen is a semi-professional Magic: the Gathering player that is primarily known for creating and piloting the Bitterblossom Affinity tech (in foil, of course). Pieter can frequently be found rocking a Bearded Dragon Tie-Dye shirt and his signature Pepsi hat. If he’s not casting Arcbound Ravager or Brainstorm, he’s likely playing Standard and having a bit less fun.

Ricardo Trovar

Ricky Trovar is a 29 year old Magic: the Gathering enthusiast and Active Duty Military member in the Navy. Ricky plays all format with the exception of Vintage. Ricky prefers playing Junk when possible, as he enjoys casting Rhinos.

 Matthew Trunk

Matthew Trunk started playing just as Theros spoilers began leaking. As soon as he saw Grey Merchant of Asphodel, he knew competitive Magic was where he was meant to be. When asked about his accomplishments (besides his numerous Top 8s) he replied “My [list of] accomplishments may not be as large is some of my other teammates, but we all know if you keep grinding and putting forth the work, you will be rewarded, and what better place or team to do that with than The Bearded Dragons!”. Matt also enjoys and excels at competitive Pokemon. 

Phil Napoli

Phillip Napoli is an Old School professional Magic: the Gathering player and verteran of 2 GP Top 8s, 8+ Pro Tours, and 22 Old School PTQ Top 8s. Phil has been around Magic his entire life with his lifelong bestfriend and teammate Osyp Lebedowicz. Phil is currently a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.

Matthew Long

Matthew Long is a 26 year old Magic: the Gathering player based out of South Jersey. Matthew made the threshold for two byes at Grand Prix events in 2013, and hasn't looked back since. After a few cashes at SCG opens and Grand Prix alike, Matt found success at the top 8 of SCG Invitational NJ 2015.  After a quiet 2016 of just three pro points, he piloted his way to the top 8 of Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2017. Matt will be competing in his first Pro Tour at Nashville in May. Aside from magic, Matt enjoys playing a host of other competitive games.  He played varsity tennis throughout high school. Matt was sponsored by Thermaltake in Heroes of Newerth, a multiplayer online battle arena game. He has hit legend multiple times in Hearthstone. Matt's favorite chess opening is the queen's gambit, and can regularly be found playing one-two at the poker table.

Alex Chen

Alex Chen picked up Magic as a hobby his Freshman year of college & has since devoted countless hours in improving his craft. In his short 2 year career, he has climbed the ranks from FNM warrior to prospective grinder, leaving a clutch of local 1k Top 8's and a Day 2 finish at his first Grand Prix in Pittsburgh in his wake. Along with teammate and secret lover Ethan Gaieski, the duo streams Legacy frequently at With their usual stream hours spanning deep into the night, they can be usually be found chugging Red Bulls, worshipping Nimble Mongoose, and targeting fetch lands with Wasteland. When not playing Magic competitively, he enjoys riding his bike through the city of Brotherly Love, watching anime with his girlfriend, and bashing his head against his keyboard trying to win games of Dota 2. Yet to claim his first top finish at a major event, Alex is eager to prove himself on Magic's biggest stages, and hopes to one day join his teammates on the Pro Tour.