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First Martians

First Martians

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  • Description

    3...2...1...Liftoff! Set your foot on Mars, where fantastic adventures await you. First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet tells a magnificent history of humans struggling to survive on a hostile frontier.

    A series of missions form 2 separate campaigns. Make meaningful decisions and face their consequences! Experience thrills and awe as the plot unfolds! Additionally, the box features 6 standalone missions.

    Choose your preferred difficulty level and mode of play: who do you want to be today? A scientist, an explorer, or an engineer? The game provides massive replayability, while at the same time the story will always reflect your decisions.

    This is possible thanks to the accompanying free app which enhances the player experience. It includes over 500 events and adventures, and the AI always chooses them to form a coherent story, adjust the gameplay to your expectations, and immerse you in the narrative.

    3 Miniatures (HUB, Froggy, and Scorpio)
    15 Custom Dice
    12 Action Pawns
    125 Plastic Markers
    150 Cards
    4 Player ID Boards
    19 ROI Tiles
    13 Facility Tiles
    8 Shutdown Tiles
    8 Upgrade Tiles
    135 Tokens
    3 Double-Sided Mission Sheets
    2 Campaign Booklets
    3 Trackers
    1 First Player Tokens
    1 Game Board
    1 Rulebook

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 1-4
    Game Length: 60-120 minutes

  • Details
    Publisher: PORTAL GAMES
    Year: 2017