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  • $59.99 Brand New
    n Barcelona, you will take on the role of builders in 19th-century Barcelona working on the new expansion to the city. Your main goal is to construct buildings to accommodate the citizens who want ... read more

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  • $16.99 Brand New
    Timeline Twist is a new version of the popular Timeline game. Each game is now a cooperative challenge, but you don't have to be a history buff to play!In this new edition, players team up, co... read more

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  • $49.99 Brand New
    New islands have emerged from the ocean and as scientists, you must research the new, developing ecosystems present there! Watch the islands on the board grow in three dimensions as you learn more ... read more

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  • $21.99 Brand New
    New rules. New Kittens. New mayhem. This version of Exploding Kittens features new cards and gameplay based on the Netflix animated series Exploding Kittens, premiering near the end of 2023. It's s... read more

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  • $29.99 Brand New
    The Isle of Cats Explore & Draw features gameplay like The Isle of Cats, but with players now choosing a set of cards each round instead of drafting, and then drawing their discoverie... read more

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  • $34.99 Brand New
    The circus has come to your city! Come and see the greatest show in the a small box! In Three Ring Circus, players will take on the role of a ring master that drives a circus around the ... read more

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  • $44.99 Brand New
    The Riverfolk Expansion adds two new actions, new vagabonds, and exciting new game modes. Play as the: * Lizard Cult - Indoctrinate the dispossessed creatures of the woods and spread your creed far... read more

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  • $19.99 Brand New
    In this game, your useless knowledge will win you useful points. Think fast, not hard in this merciless word-shouting board game. Start by drawing a category card. Your team will then shout words f... read more

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