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Every Dog Has Its Day Foil Edition

Every Dog Has Its Day Foil Edition

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  • Description

    Who's a good drop? Who's a good drop? This is! We're celebrating International Dog Day 2020 with this very obedient Secret Lair Drop that features the sweetest pups we could find. If you have a deck or collection looking for four-legged friends, these cute and cuddly cards are looking for their forever home. This drop contains four housebroken cards with extremely soft and fluffy art by AlbaBG, Jakob Eirich, Steve Prescott, and Rudy Siswanto. Adopt this drop today!

    1x Foil Alt-Art Ancient Grudge
    1x Foil Alt-Art Dig Through Time
    1x Foil Alt-Art Lightning Greaves
    1x Foil Alt-Art Rest in Peace