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Showcase: Strixhaven Foil Edition

Showcase: Strixhaven Foil Edition

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  • Description

    Product Description

    At the heart of Strixhaven University lies the Biblioplex, a massive library packed with ancient scrolls and arcane tomes. One of its impossibly large wings is the Mystical Archive, said to contain a copy of every spell ever created in the Multiverse. While you may have seen a glimpse of its contents in the Strixhaven set, it holds countless more secrets within. This drop contains six more spells featuring the showcase Mystical Archive frame, brought to life by Rovina Cai, Anato Finnstark, Justin & Alexis Hernandez, Minttu Hynninen, and Dominik Mayer.
    • 1x Showcase All is Dust
    • 1x Showcase Artifact Mutation
    • 1x Showcase Drown in the Loch
    • 1x Showcase Fire Covenant
    • 1x Showcase Fractured Identity
    • 1x Showcase Fracturing Gust